18 Moments When Animals Were Seen Practicing Social Distancing

When a person who has COVID-19 coughs or sneezes, they spray small liquid droplets from their nose or mouth which may contain the virus. If you are too close, you can breathe in the droplets, including the disease. To avoid that, the World Health Organization (WHO) advises maintaining at least 1 meter (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing. Some of us, however, don’t get it and aren’t following these guidelines, despite that we claim our species (humans) to be the most intelligent ones walking on earth. Yet, some animals seem to be way better at “practicing” social distancing.

From pigeons and seagulls to cats and moose, if everyone behaved like these critters, we would flatten the curve way quicker, so take notes.

1# Social Distancing


Interestingly, some animals, for example, chimpanzees and honeybees, do take measures to prevent the spread of disease. The two species can be really ruthless when it comes to ousting the sick.

Bacterial diseases that strike honeybee colonies, like American foulbrood, are particularly threatening to them, liquifying honeybee larvae from the inside. “That’s where the name comes from, that brown gooey mess. It smells very, very foul,” Alison McAfee, a postdoctoral fellow with North Carolina State University’s Entomology and Plant Pathology Department, told National Geographic.

Infected larvae emit telltale chemicals that older bees are able to smell, like oleic acid and β-ocimene, a bee pheromone, according to McAfee’s research. Immediately after identifying them, the bees will physically toss these diseased members from the hive, she said.

2# Cats Get It

3# Meanwhile In Poland

In 1966, as she was studying chimpanzees in Tanzania, Jane Goodall observed a chimp named McGregor who had contracted polio, caused by a highly contagious virus.

His fellow chimps attacked him, casting McGregor out of the troop. Partially paralyzed, McGregor even approached a few chimps grooming in a tree. He reached out a hand in greeting, but the others quickly moved away.

4# CAT-Cial Distancing In Japan


5# Social Distancing


“For a full two minutes old [McGregor] sat motionless, staring after them,” Goodall noted in her 1971 book In the Shadow of Man.

Goodall mentioned other instances of ostracized, polio-ridden chimps during her research as well, though highlighted that in some cases, infected individuals were eventually welcomed back into the group.

6# This Dog From Local News Is Practicing Social Distancing


7# Peacoks Know How To


8# Even Dogs Respect And Understand Social Distancing


9# Dogs Keeping Social Distance In Zagreb

10# Even The Moose Are Practicing Social Distancing


11# My Friends Cats Have This Social Distancing Malarkey Figured Out


12# Social Ducktancing


13# Doing Our Part To Keep Apart


14#  Romeo and Mewliet

15# These Dogs In Dumaguete Know What Social Distancing Means


16# It’s Heartwarming To See Everyone Taking Social Distancing Seriously


17# Social Distancing With My Frenemy Tilly


18# Social Distancing In Wynyard. Bin Chickens Show Backpackers How It’s Done


Heart Soothing Stories That Will Make You Think Someone Has Cut Onions

We often have the chance to meet good-hearted people or we encounter the sweetest moments with someone or someone who does a very good deed to us. Or just the cases of humans being just humans might inspire and elevate our spirits. Thus is this collection Today we have chosen for you all some of the most emotional cases of people who run into the sweetest situations from others or they did it themselves.

Bellow, you have all that you need to soothe your heart. I advise every one of you to grab a tissue because someone is going to cut some onions right at night. Yes us Earthwonders we are cutting onions today!

Don’t forget to let us know what do you think about this collection and follow us for more upcoming content.

1. For those with golden heart


My parents split when I was in first grade. My mom met my step-dad, mark when I was in second grade. We moved in with him by the time I was in 3rd we moved into his house. He treated my siblings and me as his own since day 1. He even would watch Gilmore Girls with me and my sister every afternoon. After my mom died when I was 16, Mark didn’t make us go live with our biological dad. He continued raising us as his own. He started out as my mom’s boyfriend and became my dad, my best friend, my go-to for advice.

Mark ended up working 3 jobs while having heart failure, asthma, and diabetes. He did everything he could to provide for my sister and me. He passed away 6 days before I graduated college in 2016. It’s been a few years but I still have trouble on Father’s Day. He could have ditched us when our mom died and we didn’t have enough income. But he didn’t. He was there fighting to put food on the table. Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers who fight for their children.

2. In the name of his angel brother.


3. This Little Fella After Winning First Place In A Bike Tournament


4. Important Memories On Google Maps


5. I Am Finally Cancer Free! Really Excited To Live Life To The Fullest And Have Fun Again


6. He Has Cerebral Palsy, Mitochondrial Disease, And Was In Special Education Until The 7th Grade. He Just Graduated With His Aa And Highest Honors. Pride Is An Understatement


He just received a full-ride scholarship to the school of his dreams. My son is going to rock the world as a lawyer!


7. At The Salt Lake City Farmer’s Market A Few Years Back


8. My Favorite Graduation Photo. This Woman At My Campus’ Subway Kept Me Fed For 4 Years, And When I Was Low On Money, She Came Through For Me


9. Balloon Seller’s Kind Gesture


10. This Is The Day Our Daughter Was Declared In Remission From Stage 2 Liver Cancer


11. A Year Ago I Was Depressed And Suicidal. Today Things Have Gotten Better


12. When My Grandad Passed Away My Grandmother (She Is 85) Started Learning Painting To Distract Herself. After A Year She Gave Me This Painting


13. Best Neighbours


14. Jimmy Carter an ex USA president

15. My Best Bud And I Cleaned Up A Ton Of Trash Today On Our Day Off


16. I Just Found Out That My Neighbors Tell Their Dog I’m Outside When They Want Him To Hurry Up And Get Out The Door. This Is Him Waiting For A Treat From Me


17. Had The European Championship For Wheelchair Basketball. Took The Bronze Medal, And A Ticket To The World Championships In Japan Next Year


Keep working hard lads, you’ll reach good places.

18. Don’t really have anyone to celebrate with, so I thought I’d share with you guys. I’m one year sober!


19. Random Girl At Farmer’s Market Seduces My Partner In Front Of My Very Eyes


20. In France, Peyo, A Beautiful 15-Year-Old Stallion, Often Comes To Comfort And Soothe Terminally Ill Patients At The Techer Hospital In Calais


The horse always chooses which patient he wants to see, kicking his hoof outside the door.

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