May 11, 2021

VIDEO: Bobcat Attacks Man’s Wife, His Reaction Gets Recorded by a Security Camera

What a couple from North Carolina thought it’s going to be a usual morning, seconds after leaving their home things turned out differently.

From a security camera, we’re able to see a man about to enter his car with a cup of coffee in his hand and what seems like a box of baked goods. His wife is seen seconds later as she makes her way to the passenger seat but is interrupted by a bobcat who attacks her.

The husband, which remains unidentified, grabbed the cat from his wife and threw it away in his yard, and threatened to shoot it with his gun.

This for sure it’s not the thing we expect the second we step out of the house to continue the rest of the day. Bobcats, on the other hand, are quite common in this area but they usually stay away from people, or at least until now they did.

Scroll down below to see some wild 45 seconds and the reactions of this man towards the cat.

People surely had something to say about this heroic act in the early morning.