20 Times People Served Food in the Worst Way Possible

Food is one of the most important things to experiment with within life. You never really lived if you didn’t try food from different cuisines. Food definitely brings you closer to people. For example, when you share a dish with someone from a foreign country, you haven’t shared just a meal, but a whole culture and tradition. The way you serve a meal means everything. However, there are some people who just suck at that part.

r/StupidFood subreddit is a place to lambast idiotic methods of serving food, or any other epicurean inanity worthy of ridicule. This online community counts 270k members who share the most ridiculous ways on how to serve food. Sometimes, honestly, it hurts to watch the way some people manipulate food. We don’t really need to say much as the pictures below speak for themselves.

Scroll down to check them out, just be aware to have your appetite spoiled after.

1. A handful of jam served on a plate at an upscale restaurant


2. My craving for steak has never disappeared faster

3. Fu**ing Deconstructed Coffee


4. Zero waste! You know, minus the coffee grounds you just wasted 


5. Pickles brined in Monster


6. Delectable!


7. “King’s Hand”


8. Gotta go fast


9. I ordered a hot dog and checked ‘Extra Patty’ expecting a second dog. Instead… I present the Hot Durger:


10. Uncooked manicotti



12.Banana water


13. Back at it again

14. Homemade Nachos

15. I present to you, a single slice of bread wrapped in plastic.


16. My roommate microwaved some raw pasta and ate it for lunch yesterday


17. Looking good, looking goo- nope they ruined it.

18. Disneyland is advertising a hot dog stuffed inside a dill pickle that is fried and served with a side of peanut butter


19. Carbonara but didn’t have guanciale so used leftover McDonald’s chicken nuggets instead


20.Finally, a soup I can get behind


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Times Historians Had No Idea What Something Was And Women Stepped In And Told Them

In class, I learned that when I don’t understand something, someone else probably does. It’s more useful to learn someone’s perspective in a field than to force your perspective and fail miserably.

That’s the moral lesson to be learned in this viral Twitter thread by Gennifer Hutchison. For her, there are things that male historians and anthropologists get wrong because they usually don’t involve women’s perspectives in their research.

More info: Twitter

Writer Gennifer Hutchinson pointed out online that male scientists struggle to figure something out because they restrict women’s access to their fields

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Image credits: GennHutchison

Twitter people shared hilarious examples to further support Gennifer’s point

Image credits: NachachaRocuant

Image credits: HauntedHaworth

Image credits: martienne17

Image credits: foxtrotlatte

Image credits: Harlequinclrty

Image credits: NoNotHappyDays

Image credits: obrienk2

Image credits: lahondaknitter

Image credits: carykingdom

Image credits: j_n_foster

Image credits: CricketB

Image credits: ChiggyVR

Image credits: spaceysoupy

Image credits: pins_abigail

Image credits: RachelKenobi

Image credits: kilday_morgan

Image credits: BLJankowski

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