Photographer Captures Strangers Before and After Kissing Them, Here Are 10 Images With Their Reaction

Connecting with people it’s amazing. You never know what someone is going through, their perspective, or their background. There are lots of ways on how to befriend people. However, photographer Johanna Siring has chosen an unusual method by kissing strangers.

When Siring attended this year’s Roskilde Festival in Denmark she approached strangers and told them about the project she was working on. The photographer wanted to capture images of strangers before and after kissing them. If people were on board with her idea, they would share a kiss. Therefore, she named this project the Kiss of a Stranger.

The ‘after’ images show a pure reaction of strangers towards her approach. Some people would go to a quick little kiss, while the rest would go for an intimate make-out. The images after the kiss reflect a warmness that looks like the subject and the photographer created a special bond together.

Siring spent 2 days creating the series, culminating in a collection of 20 black-and-white photos. Her overall portfolio is quite rich with images of people, famous or unfamiliar. Siring believes that every person on this planet has a unique character and personality- there is always a new story to tell.

Scroll down below to check the results of this photoshoot, and let us know in the comments what you think of this idea.

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Image source: JollyError373

#2 Asian Photoshopping

Image source: ParchedCoverage

#3 I – Um-

Image source: SinuateTenesmus778

#4 Small Face, Weird Big Fingers Wtf !

Image source: josuke2233

#5 Yeah…

Image source: Mattias504

#6 Skin Texture We Don’t Know Her

Image source: sugar_daddy_madi

#7 You’re Id Card Won’t Lie

Image source: TheWhaleEgg

#8 Look Guys My Waist Is The Same Size As My Arms!

Image source: ofeybuns

#9 Difference From A Live Performance And A Video

Image source: IloveLewisHamilton

#10 Everyone Looks Normal Except

Image source: StormTank40

#11 Her Waist Is Smaller Than Her Head

Image source: Olgina87

#12 I Can’t Believe She Posted This…

Image source: Blawaan

#13 This Hair Stylist Adding Filters After His Work

Image source: kellyatta

#14 I’ve Never Seen A More Accurate Description

Image source: stupidpoopoohead

#15 This One Made Me Laugh!

Image source: adullploy

#16 One Of My Fav Influencers

Image source: ParchedCoverage

#17 God I Hate Snapchat

Image source: ILikeGreenPotatoes

#18 Your Sleep Paralysis Demon Stood At The Edge Of Your Bed

Image source: minimaude

#19 These Actually Terrify Me!

Image source: xBigSister1988x

#20 That’s Her Strong Arm

Image source: 27littlebears

#21 Found This On A Japanese Musician’s Page. I Don’t Even Know What’s Going On – Is The Red Haired Dude Ok?

Image source: tofu-cutie

#22 Youtuber Who Always Looks Different In Each Of Her Pictures

Image source: MedSkewlgate

#23 I Cried Laughing. Can You See It?

Image source: DatBishStoopid

#24 Damn, We Got Some Fine Elbows Up In Here

Image source: phanieee

#25 Zoom In On The Nose

Image source: trash_bj

#26 Let Me Just Tuck My Hair Behind My Eyelash Real Quick

Image source: Tunelesshalo

#27 Just A Tad Bit Heavy On The Hips, Just A Tad Bit

Image source: shantiteuta

#28 Her vs. His Insta Post

Image source: Matis5

#29 It’s Like Her Hair Is Afraid To Touch Her Butt

Image source: Brewmeiser

#30 How Delusional Are You From 1 To This Person?

Image source: mmajamm

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