April 22, 2021

These Two Cats Have the Most Incredible High-rise Towers to Play, Built With Love by Their Owner

Cats are natural-born climbers and they enjoy being in high places. It doesn’t matter if it is a high shelf or the top of the refrigerator they feel really comfortable in the upper half of the room.

So this man, Rob Coutu from Windsor, Connecticut, wanted to create something really special for his cat Zach, a Savannah cat – something that would allow him to really indulge in his deepest passion, climbing. He built two luxurious, high-rise towers for his cat to live in, they have balconies, 3D printed windows, window boxes with colorful flowers, and a sky-high bridge connecting the two constructions so his cats can move between them with ease.

Rob said: “The larger tower was built last and is almost complete. It incorporates some design changes based on how the cats interacted with the first one, such as the balconies and the deck landings. The dormer came from Zach, the Savannah, always looking up inside the roof of the other one.

The cat lover said that all this costs around $3,500 plus the tons of labor he has put in. But everything’s worth it. “Zach has been very involved from the start. I can’t even find a word that best describes how much he loves it and how much he uses it.”

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