“Let’s See If They Treat Me Any Differently”: Guy Thinks It’s A Good Idea To Play A Food Critic At An Expensive Restaurant To See How Staff Will Treat Him

Being a food critic is one of the most enjoyable jobs when viewed at a surface level. Imagine, your job, in a nutshell, is just to eat, which is quite different from most jobs where you have to put out some work. In this job, you were “putting in,” rather than “putting out.”

That’s why the TikToker Josh Slavin (@handle) decided to pose as a food critic in a Michelin-star restaurant in Hong Kong. And you know the deal with these Michelin-star restaurants, they are outstanding, and they serve the most exquisite, elegant, and high-quality foods on the planet. Naturally, our “food critic” acted like one, which made some of the staff conscious and made them give him an actual food critic experience. Find out below how his pretending rolled out in the restaurant!

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This TikToker decided to play food critic one day

Image credits: slavinjoshua

Image credits: slavinjoshua

Image credits: slavinjoshua

Image credits: slavinjoshua

He began his act by taking out a notebook and pretending to be judging

Image credits: slavinjoshua

Image credits: slavinjoshua

At that point, he was treated as if he was an actual food critic

Image credits: slavinjoshua

Image credits: slavinjoshua

The manager even gave him his card

Image credits: slavinjoshua

Image credits: slavinjoshua

Image credits: slavinjoshua

Image credits: slavinjoshua

Image credits: slavinjoshua

Image credits: slavinjoshua

Image credits: slavinjoshua

But the restaurant was just beginning. Little did Josh know that he was about to receive something more

Image credits: slavinjoshua

Image credits: slavinjoshua

After the day, the manager sent him an email, indicating that he would always be in touch with Josh

Image credits: slavinjoshua

Image credits: slavinjoshua

The viewers found Josh’s idea hilarious

Image credits: slavinjoshua

“Stupid Food”: 30 Times Chefs Aimed To Create Pretentious Dishes But Failed In Glorious Ways (New Pics)

Preparing food requires a lot of skill. It’s a craft that needs a lot of experience before being perfected. Though, what happens after mastery? Do we just sit there and do the same food over and over again? For some, the answer is a “no,” and they would prefer to innovate. They were willing to create new variants of the food for everybody else to try!

However, not all innovations are good, especially in the field of cooking. As presented in the Stupid Food subreddit, some foods started with good intentions, but the finished product was always unpalatable. Below are the community’s 30 worst of the worst that would make anyone double-think before eating!

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#1 Deep-Fried Watermelon

Image source: thenativeshape

#2 I Waited A Total 1,5 Hours At A Pretentious Ski-Lounge And Paid €8,90 For This

Image source: flomatable

#3 Stupid Hamburger Serving At A Supposed Sophisticated Restaurant

Image source: SassyPerere

#4 Easter Lambspic. I’m So Sorry

Image source: mad_gasser

#5 Mackerel Pizza

Image source: Schredinger42

#6 $10 Nachos At A Local Mexican Restaurant. Yes, Those Are American Cheese Slices

Image source: TheMeowMeow

#7 That’s Not Red Velvet

Image source: SilentCitadel, the-cheyenne-line.tumblr.com

#8 Glazed Donut Grilled Cheese Hanging Over Tomato Soup

Image source: hiimalextheghost

#9 I’m Also Turning Myself In. Totino’s Birthday Pizza Cake (8 Layers)

Image source: buffbuddha

#10 I Feel Like People Are Running Out Of Ideas

Image source: HermanGunnarr

#11 Whiskey Capsule? I Can’t Tell If It’s More Like A Gummy Bear Or More Like A Gusher

Image source: rawrt, twitter.com

#12 Straight To Jail

Image source: hump_back143, twitter.com

#13 Friend Made A Vegan Cake For Vegan Friend’s Birthday. Both The Hot Dogs And Jelly Are Fully Plant Based Substitutes

Image source: MiraclezMatter

#14 April Fools Joke From A Local Chocolate Shop But Just As Vile, A Chocolate Coated Hard Boiled Egg

Image source: Darkness-Pride

#15 Proof Of Man’s Hubris

Image source: sBroz410

#16 I Am Disgusted

Image source: believeitornotjail

#17 Chicken And Waffles… Pizza

Image source: darrvis

#18 Stupid Doesn’t Necessarily Mean I Wouldn’t Eat It

Image source: assorted_citrus

#19 A Cobb Salad, Apparently. We Asked Why It Looked Like This And The Server Looked At Us Like We Had 2 Heads Before Saying, “What, Have You Never Eaten Here Before?”

Image source: sarahms89

#20 A Blt My Mother Was Served At A Diner In Michigan

Image source: Hanfpflanze

#21 Actual Dish From The Adult Menu In A Lithuanian Restaurant

Image source: Oddness_Police

#22 Absolutely Disgusting

Image source: lsmountain48

#23 “What’s Wrong…?”

Image source: cenabollywood

#24 Upside-Down Meat Cone

Image source: backleftwindowseat, twitter.com

#25 Peas And Mayonnaise Pizza

Image source: likerofgoodthings

#26 How To Start A War With Japan And Italy At The Same Time

Image source: elahyani

#27 I Despise This Trend

Image source: dm20201995

#28 I Don’t Think That’s What Zero Waste Means

Image source: Fun-Astronaut-3793, twitter.com

#29 Deconstructed Spaghetti Bolognese

Image source: BillOakley

#30 Ordered Chinese Last Night, Went For A New Dish: “Smoky Sweet Chicken Fries”

Image source: thebrscott

Got Literal Chicken Churros – That’s Sugar, With A Bit Of Garlic, Onion And I Think Cardamom At The Bottom? No Smoke Whatsoever. Most Delicious Nonsense I’ve Ever Had And I’m Going To Get Them Again, No One Can Stop Me

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