May 11, 2021

15 Amazing Examples That Show How Nature and Humans Can Coexist in a Perfect Harmony

Nature was the first home to humans, and their coexistence was so sublime. But that’s mostly when we talk about people living in caves, or when farming was the only job we knew before being impacted by all this overwhelming technology.

With the rapid increase of the population, urbanization has wiped out the presence of nature in our lives. Each day and more we are being surrounded by concrete walls that we build in order to survive in today’s world, forgetting that the most important part for us to exist in nature and not an office or building we work on.

There is one school of thought that claims human civilization and nature cannot peacefully coexist on the same planet, and that one must eventually destroy the other. Fortunately, there have been some occasions where people understood the meaning and importance of being surrounded by nature and found a perfect solution to exist together, which you can see here.

Below we have made another collection of images where architects showed us how we can perfectly exist side-by-side in perfect harmony, and have managed to forge a beautiful and elegant truce between the two sides.

Scroll down for the end results which are simply stunning.

1.  Palm trees over the roof

2. Fig Tree at Brazilian Steakhouse

3. LENNE Office in Estonia by KAMP Arhitektid

4. Restaurant ‘plane’, Budapest, Hungary

5. A little office called Earthbox. Today it is an architecture office in downtown Asunción, Paraguay.

6. This apartment building in Torino, Italy was drawn up by Luciano Pia. It is designed to incorporate more plant life into urban settings.


7.  Hey, the tree was here first, right?

8. This home by Paz Architecture in Corallo, Guatemala, invites nature into your living room.

9. The best tree house there has ever existed 

10. Architects like Stefano Boeri are taking design to the next level by creating entire forest cities. Lizhou, China is the first Forest City by Boeri, and it’s set to be completed in 2020.

A rendering of Lizhou Forest City. Stefano Boeri Architetti

11. Trees grow through two “elliptical eyes” of a suspended garden at this building

12. Hungry Lion (now Close But Building Still There) Honolulu Hi School Street.

13. An adorable landscape in China.

14. Casa Del Bosque

15. The Hong Kong Park leaving aside its delimitation to begin to take part of the city.