April 19, 2021

Adorable Bearded Reedling Birds Have Got Skills – They Can Do Perfect Splits

Birds are one of the most diverse animal class and evidentially one of the most adorable. From poptastic Dracula parrots to extravagant Golden Pheasant–these creatures never cease to amaze with their stunning appearances, and in the case of Bearded Reedling, they don’t cease to amaze us with their flexible poses. These birds can’t be confused with any other one, because their looks and poses are their distinctive features.


Bearded Reedlings are relatively small birds, with approximately 17cm in size, but with a long tail. Males and females of this kind of breed have their own features. Males have a bluish-grey head, yellow bill and a black drooping moustache. While females and juveniles are mostly plain, yellow-brown with whitish underparts and no mustache.


The unique appearance of these birds makes them easily recognizable in nature. Just look for a tiny, egg-shaped, fluffy bird, that enjoys resting by doing a split on three branches, and there you have the Bearded Reedlings.

Bearded Reedlings are not known for migration, and could be found residing across Europe with 232 – 437,000 birds, and Asia all year long. Also, particularly, they can be found in the UK with 630 pairs breeding annually.

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