Drama Ensues After Guy Tells Roommate He’s Sick And Tired Of His Girlfriend’s Behavior, Tells Him She’s Not Welcome Anymore

Sharing a rented space with your best friend can be fun. You’ve known each other for so long, you surely vibe together and make a great team. You get each other’s backs and know how to adapt to address the needs of each other.

For the Redditor kindafunctionalguy, it was fun until his best friend brought his girlfriend to live with them. The girlfriend essentially lived for free and, one day, began hogging the fridge for herself and eating the food from it, so the duo had to buy more food. OP considered asking his best friend to take his girlfriend out, but he wondered if he would be in the wrong for doing so.

Considering we have published similar fridge stories before, I think I can say that, if the love of money is the root of all evil, then the love of the fridge is the root of all cohabitation problems. Follow OP’s full story below!

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Our OP asks netizens if he’s in the wrong for wanting to keep his best friend’s girlfriend out of their apartment

They were getting along well until one day, OP accidentally drank one of the girlfriend’s Red Bull drinks

OP came back later with a few updates on the situation

The online community thinks that OP isn’t in the wrong, and it’s the girlfriend who is the A-Hole

Nurse’s Salary Expectation Is Too High So Job Recruiter Wants To Start A Negotiation But Isn’t Willing To Compromise On Their Part

One of the hardest parts of a job interview is the salary negotiation stage. You know you need the job to support your needs, but asking for a salary that might be too high for the company could cost you the job opportunity. It’s really a balance between your needs and the financial capability of the company.

A nurse that goes by the Reddit username Jbeez4117 made it clear in her application that her preferred minimum salary is $34 per hour. However, the clinic where she applied can only go $29 an hour as starting pay, but she was invited for a negotiation. However, the negotiation phase isn’t what you would have expected to turn out. Follow her full story below!

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A nurse went to Reddit to vent out about a one-sided negotiation she had with a clinic that offers pay lower than her preferred minimum

Image credits: u/Jbeez4117

OP was willing to talk about the salary that can be agreed upon by both parties. However, the employers remained adamant about the $29/hr rate

Image credits: u/Jbeez4117

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