“He’s Now Started Guilting Me Saying I Don’t Trust Him”: Husband Suggests Impregnating Surrogate Sister The “Traditional Way”, Wife Is Not Having It

Many couples want to have a baby but some of them are unfortunately unable to conceive due to various reasons. However, science has developed so much and there are many options to conceive a baby now. Surrogacy is an option that many people opt for these days.

For those of you who are not aware, a surrogate mother carries the baby in her womb for someone who is not able to do so due to medical reasons. Recently, a weird case appeared on Reddit in which a woman revealed that her husband is pushing her to agree to make my sister our surrogate using the traditional way.

Through IVF, the surrogacy procedure is done by taking the eggs from the mother, and then it is fertilized with sperm to make an embryo that is later put in the surrogate’s womb. However, in the traditional method, the surrogate is naturally or artificially inseminated by the father’s sperm.

The OP was devastated when her husband proposed the traditional method despite the fact that they had the money for the other method. Other Reddit users felt that her husband just wants to have sex with her sister and is a jerk for putting forward this inappropriate proposal. Read the full story below.

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The woman struggled with infertility and hoped that her husband would support her in every situation

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Then he proposed to his wife the idea of impregnating her sister “the traditional way”

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Redditors responded in the comments and told her that her husband is a jerk

“I Was Baffled”: Argument Arises When Friends Said This Man Can’t Take His 5 Y.O. Daughter Fishing With Them

What were the rules you had with your friends when you were growing up? Maybe the first one to get married would treat the rest? Maybe the rule was everyone should attend each other’s grand celebrations like graduation ceremonies, marriages, or birthdays!

It wasn’t much different than when Reddit user DaddynDaughterfish and his friends were young. Their rule was simple: every year, they would hold a fishing trip only for themselves. No wives, no girlfriends. The day would only be for them.

Though, sometimes, loopholes can be made in the rules. And it was shown when one of his friends, “Tim”, brought his son to the fishing day. This brought confusion to the friends, but they let it slide because after all, Tim did not bring a wife or a girlfriend. Also, Tim stated that he wanted to pass down their tradition to the next generation.

After some years, OP decided to bring his daughter who was around the same age as Tim’s son. A heated discussion ensued when his friends didn’t allow him to because it was “against the rule.” The confused OP brought this story to the Am I The A-Hole subreddit.

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OP and his friends would hold an annual fishing trip with the rule “No wives, no girlfriends”

Image credits: u/DaddynDaughterfish

One of the friends took his son with him and they had fun

Image credits: u/DaddynDaughterfish

However, when it was OP’s turn to bring his child, he wasn’t allowed to because it “breaks the rule”

Image credits: u/DaddynDaughterfish

The story received some confused reactions from the online community. But it appears that the final verdict is that the OP did not break their rule

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