Mother-In-Law In A White Dress Gets Mad After Seeing Bride Decided To Wear Pink And Get Everyone Else To Wear White



Your wedding day is a special day that celebrates your entrance into married life. And you know who the star is? You! And your partner! So the stage is yours, the floor is yours, and everything should be up to your wants, and let’s hope that everyone agrees with it. I’m sure your guests will respect your special day.

However, that’s not the case for an anonymous bride on Reddit. In her post in the Am I The A-Hole subreddit, she said that her future mother-in-law wouldn’t respect their preferred attire choice, so they changed everyone’s dress codes instead without telling her. As you may have guessed, the MIL was furious about this, so OP is now wondering if what she did was wrong. You can follow her full story below!

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OP went on her way with her wedding color schemes because her future MIL did not respect her initial choices

Image credits: New_Departure7517

The audience took the bride’s side, stating that the MIL deserved what happened to her