Man Sees No Problem In His Niece Having Nothing To Eat On Thanksgiving After Refusing To Accommodate Her Diet, Divides The Family

During any eating situation, it’s very useful to be open about one’s dietary restrictions. For example, if you’re lactose intolerant, it’s necessary to let others know of this so that they won’t unintentionally serve you milk products. If you’re vegan, you also have to be open about it to not be served meat products.

For Thanksgiving, this man had some problems with his niece’s dietary restrictions. According to his post, his niece’s mother wanted them to have some gluten-free products. Also, they were bringing in their gluten-free foods. OP felt like his Thanksgiving plans were trampled upon, so he did not allow this to happen.

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This man did not want to prepare gluten-free food this Thanksgiving because he deemed it to be just a personal choice

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The community found the man’s reaction unreasonable

The man later came back with an update, saying they’re now working on adapting to his niece’s health conditions and that he accepted the community’s verdict

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Guy Explains Why His CEO Left Work At Exactly At 5 PM, Others Share Stories About The Wholesome Bosses They’ve Had)

Throughout the months, we’ve known some people who had conflicts with their higher-ups for not respecting their work schedules. For example, we met this man who wasn’t allowed to leave early even though there was no more work, so he saw to it that he wouldn’t work anymore after his time. We have also known this guy who wasn’t let go even after his work hours.

Today, we’ll end these kinds of stories on a positive note. In a TikTok video by Alec (@handle), he retold his story where he observed his boss leaving at 5 pm on the dot. He then discovered him doing some work in his car. When he asked him why he did his matters in the car and not in his office, the boss responded that he wanted his employees to appreciate their work schedules by making them comfortable at leaving at 5 pm as well.

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Bosses who respect their employees’ work schedules still exist, and this man can attest to that

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In his video, he revealed that his CEO would leave the office exactly at the last minute of work

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The viewers applauded the CEO for such a positive habit

Some users shared that there are even more of those who care

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