April 18, 2021

This 10-year-old Designs a Plastic Curtain to Be Able to Hug Her Grandparents Safely During Quarantine

This 10-year-old girl from California couldn’t wait for social distancing to end so she could hug her grandparents and she has figured out a way to safely embrace her grandparents during the coronavirus pandemic. Paige Okray of Riverside invented this “hug curtain” – a shower curtain sealed over a doorway with strategically placed arm slots. She said she came up with the idea after seeing several videos of people using blankets to hug their loved ones. What she used is a shower curtain, a hot glue gun, Ziploc bags, and disposable plates to create the “hug curtain.”

To protect our loved ones from COVID-19, we are forced to keep a distance from them. This means that we can’t even visit them for a brief minute and must refrain from hugs and kisses. We all know that nothing feels better than a hug from your grandparents, so a smart girl from Riverside created a walkaround.