Photographer Captures Once-in-lifetime Shot of the Moon Disguised as Saturn

An incredible image of the moon looking like Saturn has been captured by a lucky photographer in Guatemala.

From the perspective of the Acatenango volcano base camp rings of clouds disguised our closest neighbor as the famous ringed planet. The majestic shot was captured by photographer Francisco Sojuel. He hiked for six hours to get above the Acatenango base camp to get the perfect view and the once-in-a-lifetime shot.

In the early morning, just before sunrise, Sojuel looked up and saw the mesmerizing Moon surrounded by a ring of clouds, which made it look like it was dressed up like Saturn.

The great silhouette of Pacaya volcano and the Guatemalan highlands fill out the lower portion of the image and add the drama. According to the photographer, the cloud is actually a cirrostratus cloud made of ice crystals.

When seen from certain angles it looks like they’ve created halos around the moon. Given that there’s no real halo around this Moon and the texture of the cloud is a bit fluffy, it might be a cirrostratus fibratus or a cirrus spissatus cloud. These are both denser and are often formed by strong winds.

Sojuel is known for his amazing landscape photography also for his astrophotography as well. Scroll down below to see some of his astonishing shots.

Francisco Sojuel: Website |  Facebook | Instagram

Celebrity Photographer Takes Photos Of Male Models Decades Apart In His Project “Now & Then” (10 Pics)

When we look back to our past selves, we can’t help but shed a tear. Look how far you’ve come! Look how much you’ve grown! You’re now a very different person from how you used to be a decade or two ago. It’s a fulfilling moment when you realize that you’ve come to your present state of life that you never thought you’d reach before.

And that’s the underlying message of these works by the photographer Doug Inglish. In his series called “Now & Then,” he presents a side-by-side comparison of the same models that he photographed decades ago. Seeing the same models in the same place but at a very different time will make you feel nostalgic and awe about how fast time flies! Check out our gallery of Doug’s works below!

More info: Instagram

Doug Inglish’s “Now & Then” series recreates scenes with the same model and same pose but are decades apart

Image credits: douginglish, model: Christopher Folz

He puts the two photos side-by-side to invoke the impression of time flying fast

Image credits: douginglish, model: Jerreth Ludwig

Image credits: douginglish

Image credits: douginglish

Image credits: douginglish

Image credits: douginglish

Image credits: douginglish

Image credits: douginglish

Image credits: douginglish, model: Trent Garrett

Image credits: douginglish

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