April 14, 2021

22 Pics of a German Shepherd and a Ferret, That Are the Unlikeliest of Best Buds

Animal friendships are unusual and perfect proof that love knows no boundaries. A German Shepherd called Nova and a Ferret called Pacco have been crazy about each other since day one. Diana Grib, their owner said they’re living together as if they don’t know they’re different.

Diana first got Nova, she introduced her to all kinds of animals, including rats, cats, and parrots, and Diana spent quite some time teaching her pup to get along with everyone. When Nova grow up and became an adult, Diana set out to get the other pet she was dreaming about. Her main priority was to get one Ferret that knows how to be with dogs. While she was searching, she saw Pacco in Krakow and went there to get her.