15 Of The World Most Unbelievable Insects

Insects are by far the most diverse and ecologically important group of animals in the World. Millions of different species subsist amongst us. Accordingly, there are 1.4 billion insects for every person on Earth. Crazy right?! Along with that, they exist in different shapes and colors.

They can be with or without wings, long legs, leafy figures, or even with umbrella-like pinion. Almost everywhere you look, you’ll find one or a myriad of the six-legged critters called insects.

Avidly they live among us in such a bountiful sundry. Starting from ants, bees, flies, beetles, and much more. To know more about how they look like, check our mini “Biology Class” and tell us which one you find the most interesting. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite!

1.Spiny flower mantis

Pang Way

2.Yellow Orchid Mantis.


3. Phylliidae-Insects that look like leaves and flower petals.


4.Dice Moth caterpillar.


5.Giant Katydid.


 6.A beautiful Comet Moth.


7.Queen (up) and Monarch butterfly caterpillar.


8.White Ghost Cicada – Ayuthia.


9.Timber beetle.

Ton Rulkens

10.Eurynecroscia nigrofasciata, well known as umbrella phasmids.


11.Sagra buqueti, rainbow frog leg beetle.


12.Black&Blue bettle.

Stuart H

13.One of the largest flower beetles in the world, Mecynorrhina Torquata.


14.Eurycnema goliath, the Goliath stick insect, one of the largest stick insects in Australia.


15.Picasso Bug(Sphaerocoris annulus)-A bug that looks like an easter egg.


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