Travelers Share Images From Their Adventures, Here Are 30 Pics That Will Make You Crave Traveling

A lot of people dream of traveling the world. However, not always we manage to make our dreams come true. There are all kinds of reasons that keep us from packing our bags and leaving. Whether is travel restriction from the pandemic, economical reasons, work or whatever, there’s always something holding us back. On the other hand, we will never be able to learn through a text book what is really out there. The cultures and traditions your learn while traveling are those kind of experiences that make life as great as it is.

Life is all about exploring new things. And if you’re like most of the people working around the clock, with no time to travel, we have decided to bring that experience closer to you. r/Travel is a community about exploring the world. Created in 2008, this community counts 5.8 million members who share some of the most incredible content. We compiled a list with some of the most famous images of places worldwide that will make your jaw drop.

Scroll down below to see the wonders that are hidden throughout the world, and make sure to upvote your favorite one of them.

1. Taken with a phone out of my hotel window in Venice… and no boats!


2.Taking a ride on the Bernina Express through the Alps

3. Wife and I hate big social events and love traveling. So rather than a normal wedding, traveled to Switzerland and did our vows in private. Photo from the day


4. The exact moment I took a step too close to the border between North and South Korea and got a push on the butt from two NK soldiers. What’s your favorite travel photo of yourself?


5. First view of Lauterbrunnen Valley from the train. Everyone gasped.


6. I heard this place had stunning views but I just wasn’t prepared for this. My Jaw dropped. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


7. Exploring the Italian Alps in my Fiat 500


8.Currently on month 5 during my solo-worldtrip. Shot this picture in the Himalayas of Nepal yesterday.


9.The most incredible border between Vietnam & China


10. Not as exotic as most destinations posted here, but still just as beautiful – Seven Sisters, UK


11.One of my favorite pics from Kyoto, Japan. Felt like a scene from Lord of the Rings.


12. I spent four days camping out in the remote Algerian Sahara – just me and a local guide. I took a million photos but this was one of my favorites. Freezing cold at night, but free of all light pollution the sky was breathtakingly beautiful.


13. First time Athens today and definitely fell in love with this city


14. The view outside the door in my Airbnb on the Isle of Skye, our closest neighbor is half a mile away.


15. I rarely see pics of Africa here. So here a kind reminder of how beautiful the continent is. This photo was taken in Uganda.


16. Took a trip to Germany this summer. Rothenburg was definitely a place to remember…


17. After 4 days of trekking over the Salkantay pass to get to Machu Picchu, I woke up around 3:30 am to try to get there before the rest of the tourists. 100% worth it for seeing the sunrise alone.


18. My favorite meal in Germany – Lunch in the Bavarian Alps


19. Over the years I’ve posted quite a bit of pics here, from my travels to Asia. I thought it fitting with my love of travel to propose to my favorite travel buddy while on a trip in Hakone, Japan. She said yes 🙂


20. The Serengeti absolutely blew my mind away


21. Morning hike on the island of Capri


22. Would you believe me if I told you this was Iraq?


23. Just another roadside attraction!!! LĂĄtefossen, Norway.

24. Pic I took of a suspension bridge in the mountains of Wakayama, Japan


25. Went to Edinburgh and it was amazing. The architecture of the buildings was mind blowing.


26. Breakfast in Cappadocia yesterday


27. Took this photo on Thursday Traveling in my own country, Mauranger, Norway. The Blu green water comes from a glacier.


28. A medieval arch and aqueduct in Perugia, Italy.


29. It’s forecast to be really hot in Prague today, so we decided to get all of our sightseeing out of the way between 5:30 and 7:30 this morning. Couldn’t have made a better decision.


30. Colmar, France. In the Litte Venice neighborhood.


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