Woman Finds a Stunning Flower Mantis Resting in Her Garden

Margaret Neville made a fascinating discovery in her garden where she spotted a flower mantis. Flower mantis is a type of praying mantis which has a supper flower look because of its camouflage method. Margaret shared her lovely guests on the internet where she gained a lot of attention. This particular flower mantis she found, is a female with a large swirl pattern on her back and protrusions that look like lavender buds along her legs. Astonished by the insect’s beauty, Neville named the mantis “Miss Frilly Pants” in reference to her purple “pantaloons.”

Photo: Margaret Neville

Nature never fails to serve us, and this moment is one of them. Now Miss Frilly Pants has fans around the world. Some videos of it can be seen on the Waterfall Retreat & Environmental Centre Facebook page. By late September last year, the page announced that the female flower mantishas found a male partner.

Photo: Margaret Neville

There are many species of mantis across the globe. One of them is the orchid praying mantis. The females of this kind are larger and covered in brilliant colors, with legs that look astonishingly like orchid petals. They wait for insects to approach them, tricked by their floral appearance. However, the males have not evolved with floral camouflage. They are smaller with dull colors. While the females’ appearance is a colorful trap, males must hunt rather than lie in wait.

Photo: Margaret Neville

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Same Crocodile, Same Place 15 Years Apart- Steve Irwin’s Son Recreates His Father’s Most Iconic Photo

We are living in a world that nothing is guaranteed forever. due to extreme pollution and global warming and harmful thing happening the earth is becoming a big mess. Not only for humans but also for animals. They have been massively going on extinct and unprotected by human harm and evilness.

Nonetheless, the rates of extinction that are currently taking place are actually comparable to the rates that took place when dinosaurs were wiped off of the face of the planet.

However, there is still a ray of hope when it comes to people who actually care about other beings except themselves.

I bet Everyone knows the late, great Steve Irwin. He left behind an incredible legacy. He was a crocodile hunter with a heart of gold. Now, his loved ones are doing their best to carry on the tradition. His children Robert and Bindi have continued their conservation efforts. Irwin’s wife Terri is also heavily involved.

1. Steve Irwin was a crocodile hunter and an activist for wild animal rights.

The Irwin family at the Australia Zoo in June 2006: (L-R) Robert, Terri, Steve, and Bindi
Photo: Australia Zoo via Getty Images

When we remember steve we see that all he ever wanted was that all the animals in the Australian Zoo where he used to work to be treated with the utmost respect. If these animals are not given the chance to hunt down moving prey, they are more likely to become extinct. That’s why the efforts of trained handlers are important. Without their assistance, the crocodiles are unable to feed in the proper manner.

His son Murray made a recreation photo like his father did but 15 years after a very iconic photo of his father feeding the same crocodile. Now, Robert is the one who is responsible for his welfare. The Instagram post went viral and was liked by every animal lover out there. And Robert hopes he can shed light to everyone about animal rights welfare.

Richard Giles


3. His wife and two childrens are continuing his legacy


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