Woman Finds a Stunning Flower Mantis Resting in Her Garden

Margaret Neville made a fascinating discovery in her garden where she spotted a flower mantis. Flower mantis is a type of praying mantis which has a supper flower look because of its camouflage method. Margaret shared her lovely guests on the internet where she gained a lot of attention. This particular flower mantis she found, is a female with a large swirl pattern on her back and protrusions that look like lavender buds along her legs. Astonished by the insect’s beauty, Neville named the mantis “Miss Frilly Pants” in reference to her purple “pantaloons.”

Photo: Margaret Neville

Nature never fails to serve us, and this moment is one of them. Now Miss Frilly Pants has fans around the world. Some videos of it can be seen on the Waterfall Retreat & Environmental Centre Facebook page. By late September last year, the page announced that the female flower mantishas found a male partner.

Photo: Margaret Neville

There are many species of mantis across the globe. One of them is the orchid praying mantis. The females of this kind are larger and covered in brilliant colors, with legs that look astonishingly like orchid petals. They wait for insects to approach them, tricked by their floral appearance. However, the males have not evolved with floral camouflage. They are smaller with dull colors. While the females’ appearance is a colorful trap, males must hunt rather than lie in wait.

Photo: Margaret Neville

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23 Y.O. Daughter Who Lives At Her Dad’s House Rent-Free “Exposes” Him On Social Media For Excluding Her From Family Vacation By Not Buying Her A Plane Ticket

Each parent has a different parenting style. With each parenting style comes a different way of showing a misbehaving child their wrongdoing, along with a different way of correcting such wrongdoings.

This father had a very terrible daughter. In his post in the Am I The A-Hole subreddit, he began by describing his daughter as someone who had a bad attitude and barely made it through high school. This is in contrast with her younger sister, who was the cream of the crop. To reward the younger, he thought of taking her on a fully-paid vacation. When the older heard of it, she wanted to come but agreed that she would pay her expenses. Come the day of the trip, the older hadn’t paid for her trip yet because she assumed that her father would vouch for her. Follow the full story below!

More Info: Reddit

This father is asking if he was wrong for not fully paying for her daughter’s vacation

Image credits: u/Minute-Commin-6625

The father received split reactions from those who believed he did nothing wrong and those who believed he practiced favoritism.

Image credits: u/Minute-Commin-6625

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