Artist Gets Inspired From a Newborn Photoshoot to Illustrate What Disney Babies Would Look Like

To all Disney fans here, we have a treat for you today. Remember Alex Pick, this guy is one of the best at illustrating Disney characters. We’ve seen one of his projects called Humanimals, where he transforms Disney animals into humans and vice-versa.

Last year, Alex did a super cute drawing series including baby Disney princesses. The whole idea behind these drawings came when Alex saw a photoshoot of newborn babies dressed as Disney princesses done by Karen Marie. He redrew the photo with some little changes by himself but always keeping that adorable side that characterizes those images.


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” As a huge Disney fan I stumbled across these cute photos and immediately thought these would be perfect for some drawing!  I tried to make the Disney part of the characters more visible but keeping the cuteness of the photography,” said the artist when reached out by Earthwonders. 


As a talented artist with years of experience on drawing Disney characters, this one wasn’t a challenge at all. He loved the process and the results turned out amazing.

Scroll down below to see these lovely characters drawn by Alex and the photoshoot he was inspired from.




A year later the photographer did another photoshoot with the kids, but now they were bigger. The artist didn’t hesitate to transform these cute little princesses with his unique style.


25 Human Versions Of Famous Cartoon Characters And Animal Pictures By Shannon Lee

Most of us watched cartoons when we were little; a lot of us still watch them now. Cartoons were, especially, the favorite part of everyone’s childhood memories. Waking up in the morning positioned before the TV we watched for several hours until the time for school was up. The characters were usually animals, objects, or monsters. Because let’s be fair, humans are a bit boring. We would much rather see a big, furry monster going on adventures than just a simple human. And in a way, we always found ourselves personifying them as our friends.

However, an artist known as Shannon Lee has illustrated famous cartoon characters in human form and shows that perhaps humans are not so boring after all. She draws awesome illustrations of human characters inspired by various animals, either from animation or pictures, making our cartoon friends come to life as everyday humans. Very unique and original the way they are made is so catchy we would gladly see them on any movie animation company.

The young artist hits it close to home and maintains the unique traits of the source, all the while doing it in her own style. Her style is very specific and unique, which you don’t see very often. They try to make the characters look different, eye-catching, and represent as many people as possible.

Scroll down to check out the gallery. Also, don’t forget to upvote your favorites!

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