20 of Some of the Ugliest and Hilarious Balconies Spotted Worldwide That People Just Had to Share Online

When living in an apartment, a balcony will be your little oasis. Not a lot of people really know the importance of having a balcony or a garden. It is literally that border between the chaos of the outside world and the order of your house. Those who know that importance pay attention to this space in order to make it more engaging as an environment.

During quarantine, balconies were one of the most frequented spots in our houses. That was our way of being present on the outside world without risking anyone. Therefore, balconies should be places to cherish when living in an apartment. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks like that.

Some people have different opinions. From a solar power plant to a pirate ship, here are some of the funniest or ugliest balconies we’ve seen on the internet.

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1. Balcony inspections are coming up again at my complex


Our balcony rules at my apartment complex are draconian, but far be it from me to break them. I’m a responsible renter. And no, he’s not coming down after Halloween.

2. Russian balconies !


3. Will the balcony resist the weight?


4. How introverts communicate


5. Can’t even think of the person who did this.


6. I have no words

Oleksandr Burlaka

7. Extra security never hurts


8. He just wanted a balcony so bad.


9. This is a perfect balcony


10. Got a little carried away by indoor plants

Denys Vinson

11.Includes a “Private balcony.” it’s just a view of the wall of the next building


12. No balcony, no problem


13. No balcony for you


14. This balcony without a floor


15. This building’s balconies


16. Architectural wonder: balcony with no door


17. When The Architects Didn’t Really Get The Requirements


18. When you finished your project but forgot to add a balcony in it


19. My neighbors made their balcony into a pirate ship


20. When you pay for a balcony but can’t afford a doorway


21. My Buddy And I Found A Tiny Useless Balcony


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Sometimes, in architecture, designs can go out of the ordinary. For example, we have a rather dangerous architecture that is as dangerous as it looks, if not more. On a positive note, we also have a somewhat friendly architecture that is not only useful for the user but also cares for their welfare as well.

And today, we’ll be having some funny designs. These structures aren’t dangerous and still serve their purpose, but how they’re constructed can be hilarious. Today, we’ll head over to the Facebook group That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming – Burn It to the Ground Edition, the gathering place for people who love to poke fun at funny designs. Below, we compiled the 20 funniest structures ever presented in the group!

More info: Facebook

#1 I Can Smell The Mold From Here

Image source: Christopher Edward

#2 All I Know Is It’s In LA County And Has Been Under Construction For More Than 5 Years

Image source: Paul Moore-Northrop

#3 My Friend Posted This From Vegas… Not Sure The Name Of This Building- I Kinda Dig It- His Comments Were, “It Sure Is Hot In The Desert!”

Image source: Jackie Crowder Clark

#4 Windows Shmindows

Image source: Christopher Edward

#5 So I Was On Google Maps… Our Lady Of Fátima Church, San Jose De Costa Rica

Image source: Olaf Reinhard Weyer

#6 Architecture Shaming

Image source: Christopher Edward

#7 Architecture Shaming

Image source: Catherine Digman

#8 Spotted In Vancouver. Windows Look Funny That’s Not Just Me Right

Image source: Cooki Pi

#9 The Hills Have Eyes. And So Does This Hilton Head Condo

Image source: Dianne Butler

#10 I Found This Just North Of Petersburg

Image source: Tiffany Prine

#11 Was There A Half-Off Sale On Shutters?

Image source: Gary Salata

#12 It’s High As A Kite

Image source: Christopher Edward

#13 Architecture Shaming

Image source: Dianne Butler

#14 Architecture Shaming

Image source: Christopher Edward

#15 Losing My Mind At This

Image source: Catherine Digman

#16 Architecture Shaming

Image source: Ross Jenkins

#17 When You Live In Arizona & Hate The Heat, But Love Golf. Here Is The House For You!

Image source: Jennifer Doorenbos

#18 Everytime I See These Windows I Do A Double Take. Not For A Good Reason

Image source: Veronica Claussen

#19 A Greenhouse In Lafayette, LA. I Love It And Hate It At The Same Time. Weird Feeling. What Do You Think Of It. (Yes It’s Old And I Hear It May Not Be Around Much Longer)

Image source: Layne Derouen

#20 Architecture Shaming

Image source: Christopher Edward

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